Nicholas Humphreys franchisee reveals his journey

Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agent franchise
Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agent The only specialist student letting agency franchise in the UK, with earning potential up to 2.5 times the income of a traditional letting agency

Student and Professional Lettings, Property Management, Residential and Investment Sales. We provide a heavily supported 3 month training and launch period to all franchisees.

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The franchisee behind the Sheffield (Broomhill and Crookes) branch of Nicholas Humphreys estate agency has given his thoughts on joining the thriving franchise.

Nicholas Lambrou has been running his branch for over two years now. In the first six months he made £16,394, but by the 24-month mark, his cumulative income had exceeded £100,000. Nicholas has praised the franchise’s level of support:

“I chose Nicholas Humphreys over other franchisors because the franchise fee is reinvested in me and my business with a strong support network for now and into the future.”

The franchisee says no two days running the estate agent and property franchise are the same:

“My day is a varied diet of new business, lettings, networking, meeting new people, administration, finance & marketing, compliance, making money and the list goes on… It is indeed a moving feast!”

So, what sort of person do you need to be to succeed with a Nicholas Humphreys franchise unit?

“Persistency, ambition and hunger to succeed is vital with a blend of good business acumen, fair values, high ethical standards, keeping operating costs under control and ‘getting under the skin’ of your market until you become the obvious choice for people to come to rely upon you and the great service you offer.

“It is a ‘leap of faith’ taking on a franchise, but it is a calculated one and there’s plenty of support available. Mistakes have been made by others for which you never have to make yourself. Most of all, you have to enjoy the business you are in and believe that you can make a difference. Passion is key!”

Nicholas isn’t reluctant to say just how much he enjoys running his franchise unit. He also revealed the characteristics he sees as vital in a franchisee:

“A successful franchisee is somebody who embraces change and seeks new and innovative ways of doing business.”

Do you fit this criteria? Find out more about Nicholas Humphreys on its profile page here at Point Franchise.

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