Nationwide Cleaners' enticing advantages for franchise investors

Nationwide Cleaners franchise
Nationwide Cleaners High income. Work from home. Flexible hours.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*. 0% finance. Your credit is irrelevant. 25 client leads. Award winning. BFA member. High income. Work from home. Flexible hours.

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Nationwide Cleaners' enticing advantages for franchise investors


For any franchisor, unique advantages are a huge benefit for attracting potential franchise investors.


Nationwide Cleaners, a British Franchising Association and Approved Franchise Association accredited, long-established franchise, possesses the following unique attributes:


  1. You will have a money-back guarantee*, demonstrating Nationwide Cleaners' confidence that you will succeed from unrelenting motivation and a proven profit-making system. Some franchises enjoy £60,000 income from only working part-time hours.
  2. Additionally, you will be privy to our distinctive form of marketing, attracting clients and cleaners from day one. No other cleaning company operates in this manner, and is why Nationwide Cleaners was the "Winner Best Domestic Cleaning & Ironing Franchise 2018 UK" and "Winner of the Business Excellence Awards –Best Cleaning Services 2016".


For the Nationwide Cleaners franchise, recruitment and scaling are now the central focuses, racing past the competitors as more staff are hired at a lower price: Expanding Nationwide Cleaners' success!


Less unique but still important(!) are:

  1. A massive 200,000 property territory for maximum growth and opportunities for you, the franchise investor and owner.
  2. A proven training and support model by like-minded top Nationwide Cleaners franchisees, ensuring the start-up process is painless, setting you up for success, and helping you develop a valuable network.


With these benefits and dedication, there is no reason you wouldn't be profitable, here is Marc Morris' story out of Cheshire:



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Lastly, discover the carpet cleaning - £6bn - franchising sector here. Or find our seven advantages you didn't know about from launching a commercial cleaning franchise and our general sector profile and analysis for cleaning in the UK.


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