Nationwide Cleaners checks in with Glasgow franchisee for an interview about life with the cleaning company

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Providing affordable, quality cleaning services across the UK, Nationwide Cleaners recently demonstrated not just their commitment to customers, but their commitment to their own franchisees.

In an interview with Moses, franchisee for Nationwide Cleaners Glasgow, the domestic cleaning franchise asked Moses how he was finding franchising, and Moses explained that he was very much enjoying it, saying, “Franchising gives you what you think you don’t have. [...] It empowers you to step into a competitive environment and operates as if you have been there for a long time.”

Moses also explained that he chose Nationwide Cleaners to make an investment in because he was truly passionate about the work: “When I read the reviews, achievements and the geographical spread of Nationwide Cleaners, and compared their opportunities with other franchises, I decided to go for them.” Now, he feels that running a franchise has changed his life, putting him in a position that would otherwise have taken him years to reach and giving him plenty of very helpful ongoing support.

Moses’s top tip for someone considering a franchise opportunity is to be careful. Do the research, discover the reality of opportunities, and don’t blindly believe all the claims that are made by every company. Moses chose Nationwide Cleaners because the franchise business was able to evidence the claims it made and had a dependable, solid structure.

Moses was then asked: How has franchising helped your local community? He explained that, “We have built bridges across the community, created a sense of confidence that we can be reliable when it matters most and dependable in every situation.” 

He then went on to say, discussing his achievements with the franchise, “[After investing with Nationwide Cleaners], we were able to raise armies of cleaners and give opportunities to a lot of people to make a good living. We helped lots of elderly people and people who cannot support themselves live happily in the comfort of their clean home.” If you’d like to discover more about Nationwide Cleaners, you can visit the company’s profile page, which you’ll find linked above.

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