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My Window Cleaner has come up with ways to keep its franchisees and customers safe while still offering services during the pandemic.

Many businesses across the world have temporarily closed, but cleaning franchise My Window Cleaner has found safe ways to work around the current crisis.

It shared the story of Gareth in Newport, who has planned to launch his operations in Newport in February. After initial marketing activities were delayed by the month’s endless storms, Gareth and Franchise Director Ian took to the streets to drum up interest and worked hard on online marketing to generate new customers for the fledgling franchisee. Their efforts paid off, as Gareth hit his target for month one of business, despite everything that could have hampered his new business.

Established franchisees are thriving too, as Alan and Charlotte, who operate in Canterbury, recorded their best ever day and week in early March. They completed 32 jobs in one day, bringing in £502, and took home a whopping £2,016 over the course of the week.

And My Window Cleaner is training two new franchisees as we speak, using Skype, TeamViewer and other online training platforms so everyone can stay safe. Both will soon be operating in Bedford and Swindon respectively, offering exterior cleans only until it’s safe to begin offering their full range of window cleaning services.

Thanks to its innovative IT system ‘Gloria’, which has recently been overhauled thanks to a £300,000 update, My Window Cleaner’s franchise model can be operated anywhere, and will help franchisees organise socially-distanced cleans for the foreseeable future.

In a blog post, the franchise said:

“As Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and we are not. In these unprecedented times, it’s what you can do, not what you can’t do, that will make the difference. A positive mental attitude is needed for sure; but if you have one, you are most of the way there already. Don’t let this crisis go to waste; make the most of it and come out the other side fitter, sharper and ready for business.”

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