My Window Cleaner welcomes expert franchisees, Joyce and Owen Tweedie

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Joyce has a family history of franchising, and the pair were thrilled to invest in this growing specialist cleaning franchise, covering Cardiff City and The Vale.

My Window Cleaner was recently delighted to welcome Joyce and Owen into the fold as its newest franchisees. Both have been franchisees before, with their last business being in the gardening sector and amassing more than 1,000 customers in around six years. Just before the pandemic hit, Joyce and Owen sold this franchise, and the duo decided that a window cleaning franchise like My Window Cleaner was the ideal next professional adventure.

Having done some wedding photography and videography between investments, COVID impacted this form of income. Owen said that ahead of their investment in My Window Cleaner, “We took stock of everything, and franchising is a natural option for us. Along with our own experience, Joyce’s parents have run different franchises of their own too! It’s well known to us, and we really see the value in the franchise structure while still retaining some control as well.”

After plenty of research, the dynamic franchising team settled on My Window Cleaner, as it tied in with some of Owen’s previous skills. Owen added, “The first conversation with Ian was really good and the process carried on like that from there, it’s been brilliant. Dealing with Ian, Karen and Dave has been a breath of fresh air – what you see is exactly what you get. We’re so pleased on every level with the directors and the company, they really align with my personal ethics and it’s been a real pleasure dealing with them so far.”

In terms of how the duo will be assigning responsibility? Owen is taking the lead on the cleaning side of things, while Joyce is in charge of all things admin for My Window Cleaner Cardiff City and The Vale. Thus far, it’s all going very well, and they have enjoyed getting to know other franchisees up and down the UK, all of whom have very similar values and have been very welcoming. 

As Owen put it, “With the diversity of services we offer and MWC’s integration with technology, plus our friendly approach, we think there’s a huge opportunity here to take over the local market... and we intend to grasp it.” If, like Owen and Joyce, you’d like to grasp your local market and build a profitable window cleaning business with MWC, you can find out more about a franchise investment with My Window Cleaner via its profile page (which you’ll discover linked above).

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