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Minster Cleaning has spoken to some of its franchisees to find out the three top challenges of running a commercial cleaning business.

According to business owners in the cleaning franchise, one of the toughest aspects of the work is delivering a consistently high-quality service. As you build up your client base, it can be difficult to stop standards slipping. 

Kevin Lawley, manager of Minster Cleaning Norfolk and Suffolk, and their 170 employees, said,

“People want a good-quality service and no bother. We don’t take that for granted.”

To maintain standards, he works with three supervisors to oversee each contract and employs two independent auditors to conduct regular inspections. 

“They have no vested interest, so they are unbiased and present their findings as they see them. They then spend half an hour with the team debriefing on the results. It’s a healthy process that keeps everyone on their toes.” 

The second challenge is motivating a large workforce. Minster Cleaning franchisees manage a team of cleaners, who work hard to complete their job to a high standard.

Rob Wilson, owner of Minster Cleaning Essex, said,

“I’ve always viewed one of my main roles as selecting, managing and motivating the key staff. I’m prepared to dig in, deal with issues quickly and stand up for them if unfair flak comes their way.” 

Thanks to Rob’s hard work, he’s been able to develop a reliable workforce. His longest-serving employee recently retired after 27 years and several others have been with him for more than two decades. 

Thirdly, meeting different clients’ needs can be tricky. Minster Cleaning works with a wide range of customers, from schools and factories to doctors surgeries and medical labs, and many have had specific requests during the pandemic.

Jenny Campbell of Minster Cleaning Dorset explained,

“There’s lots to understand about what’s needed in each setting.” 

Luckily, the franchise has been able to support franchisees, both through its initial training and ongoing support, to help them meet client needs. 

Find out more about how you could become a franchisee on Minster Cleaning’s profile page.

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