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08/01/2019 08:00 | Gym, Sport & Beauty

Snap Fitness is enlisting help from the MiCoachee app to transform gymgoers’ mental attitudes and physical health.

Those looking to stick to healthy-living New Year’s resolutions will have a new resource to sample when they sign up to Snap Fitness gyms this year. Created by Jamie Reloj and Tom Mann, MiCoachee aims to increase motivation and physical activity by supporting mental wellbeing. Tailored to each individual, the health plan blends neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and hypnotherapy, and is customised to fulfil personal needs and follow the user’s own pace. MiCoachee claims that users will notice a difference in as little as two days and see clear results in fewer than seven.

Gym franchise Snap Fitness in Hampden was one of the first fitness centres to sign up to the encouraging tool. Jackie Evans, Head Personal Trainer, explains why:

“It’s a great tool. MiCoachee helps us work on member’s individual behaviour challenges. It is personalized, and the interactive support system gives members the accountability they need for success and the confidence, and motivation to overcome mental hurdles in meeting exercise and diet goals for life, not just for some period”

For Snap Fitness visitors who already own a FitBit, Apple Watch, Google Fit or other fitness application, registered users can combine their current data with MiCoachee to generate a fuller picture of their personal progress.

The success of MiCoachee has been proven by a study of YMCA gymgoers using the app, which confirmed that 85 percent of users reached their increased activity targets, while a 300 percent increase in gym visits overall led to 100 percent of study participants noticing some form of weight loss. What’s more, many gymgoers felt comfortable enough to experiment with new workout classes run by the YMCA in an effort to broaden their horizons and further increase their fitness.

With 15 years of experience, Snap Fitness operates over 2,000 clubs across 27 countries, with an average of 1,197 members in each club.

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