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30/10/2018 16:00 | Cleaning

Merry Maids has been sharing its best cleaning tricks to get more uses out of household items

Merry Maidsí resident cleaning expert, Debra Johnson, has been sharing her top cleaning hacks that can be achieved with just a tumble dryer sheet.

Those of us with a tumble dryer have witnessed the magic of one of the sheets, which make your washing emerge soft and smelling fantastic. However, Johnson advises that the little squares can come in handy all over your home, helping to make it look spick and span with minimum effort.

In an article for, Johnson shared her insider knowledge of the best tumble dryer sheet hacks. Starting in the bathroom, she suggested that a slightly damp sheet can make the chrome of taps and shower screens shine like theyíre brand new and that it will also get rid of any soap scum and grime left on a shower door.

Moving onto the kitchen, she confesses that dryer sheets can become your best friend if you make a sauce that burns onto the bottoms of your pots and pans. Johnson advises popping a dryer sheet onto the crusty, burnt on mess, adding a bit of water and then letting it soak for a few hours to help lift the dirt off easily.

Johnson shares that the sheets can even be used as a replacement for costly duster cloths.

"The purpose of dryer sheets is to draw the static charge out of the clothing from the heat in the dryer," she says. "This same function will work for dusting.Ē

So, after your washing leaves the dryer, put the sheet to use a second time and run it over your hard surfaces for a quick bit of multitasking that will leave your home looking fresh.

Johnsonís best other hacks include using dryer sheets to keep a sweaty gym bag or shoes fresh, swapping out harmful pesticides for one of the magic squares in the garden and buffing up car bumpers.

Since the cleaning franchise was founded in 1979, itís been providing its customers with a thorough and friendly domestic cleaning service they know they can trust.

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