Marugame Udon heads to the UK

Marugame Udon franchise
Marugame Udon Japanese owned; serving authentic Japanese food to Europe

Marugame Udon is an established Japanese restaurant concept serving freshly-made on site udon noodles, tempura and omusubi rice balls in a self-service casual setting.

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Marugame Udon will be bringing its freshly made udon noodles to customers all across the UK.

Our love of Japanese food here in the UK shows no sign of waning, which is great news for restaurant franchise Marugame Udon. The ambitious franchise has teamed up with UK based Seeds Consulting to expand its brand into Great Britain and other countries all across Europe.

Marugame Udon will bring delicious and freshly made udon noodles (a thicker, more substantial noodle), tempura and mouthwatering omusubi rice balls to the people of the UK. The franchise is famous for its quick service, which aims to serve customers in just 30 seconds and has more than 1000 restaurant all across the world. Sister brand Wok to Walk has experienced great success in the UK, so parent company Toridoll Holdings is hoping that Marugame will prove just as popular.

Director of International Business Development at parent company Toridoll Holdings, Satoshi Suga, said that the brand was excited to bring Marugame to customers across the UK.

Just like European customers, and London ones in particular, have fallen in love with our Wok To Walk and Shoryu Ramen brands, we are confident they will show tremendous appreciation for Marugame. Freshly-made on site udon is very rare to find in Europe, or even in Japan and its quality and value are unrivalled. It is a unique chance for customers in London, Paris or Berlin to savour authentic Japanese cuisine in an informal setting.

He also explained how the franchise has altered its stores to appeal more to customers in Europe.

For Europe we have reviewed the interior design of our restaurants with local specialists in order to deliver a brand-new dining experience to European customers. What has not changed is the quality and value of our food and in particularly our sanuki udon noodles, which are the essence of our international success to date.

And its not just Japanese food that the UKs hungry for, as events including the established and rapidly growing Japan Matsuri and Hyper Japan festivals are becoming more popular every single year. As the Tokyo Olympics approach too, its likely that consumers are going to be even more interested in immersing themselves in the rich Japanese culture that Marugame Udon represents.

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