Lockdown Unlocks New Career for Ex-pub Landlord

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Ex-pub landlord, David Roberts has reinvented his career aged 63. A decision which was unfortunately forced due to Covid-19 lockdown, but one which has given him an opportunity to own his own business with confidence in a time of uncertainty.

As tighter restrictions are sweeping the country, more and more business-owners and employees are finding themselves in a precarious situation. One where they are continuing to be faced with uncertain futures. The hospitality sector has been massively hit and for new Countrywide Signs franchisee David Roberts, he was in a very similar situation back in March when lockdown began.

David had been a pub landlord for several years. He was concerned, not just by the pandemic but also by the general struggles of the industry. What was once a flourishing sector has sadly been in steady decline for the past decade. It has seen many pub closures even pre-pandemic.

David joined Countrywide Signs earlier this month. In just 6 months he has moved from pulling pints to erecting estate agency signage for the housing market. Possibly a massive change in career, but one which is already giving him a sense of reward.

It is early days for David as a franchisee, so he is in the midst of establishing his customer-base. Bigger financial rewards are in his sights; however, he now has a steady income, security and his workdays no longer dwindle into the early hours. All in all, in David’s words, his ‘work-life balance is finally where it should be’.

At age 63, David decided to investigate a new career. He found that not many employers wanted to take someone on at his age. A very regular occurrence, but an unfair situation when retirement in your 60s is often no longer an option.

David embarked on a new avenue of investigation and looked at becoming a franchisee as the answer to his predicament. “I researched many different types of franchises from coffee vans, lawn care, and even mobile phone apps. I decided with my age in mind I needed the support of a both a franchisor and a close-knit network of fellow franchisees. I did my homework and decided that for my future security I needed a business where I could start on my own, but later take on staff whom I could manage.

“Of the many franchises I talked with, I was impressed with Countrywide Signs the most. The training, software resources and back up support fitted well with my vision for future development. But also, for the security element and structure I needed as a new business owner,” continued David.

Two weeks on from training, David now owns a franchise area which covers Plymouth and South East Cornwall. On a day to day basis (remember he no longer works evenings) he busies his days with supplying and installing ‘for sale’ signs, commercial boards, and banners for the sector.

“I am positive I have made the right decision. The training I received and the backup I am getting has given me the confidence which I was looking for. I am my own boss and no longer work seven days a week. Most importantly I can now see a future in what I am doing.”

Like David, many Countrywide Signs franchisees come from varied industry backgrounds. Covid-19 has both given him the worries but also helped him find a solution to a new future.

If, like David, you are working in a sector where you feel your future is uncertain, please get in touch with our franchise recruitment team. They’ll listen and give you an honest insight into today’s world as a Countrywide Signs’ business owner.

Countrywide Signs remains a thriving business despite the pandemic and is dedicated to helping its existing and new business owners do the same.

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