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In all his endeavours, Piyush Gupta’s sole mission is to improve people’s lives. Having recently celebrated his sixth anniversary as Managing Director of the local tutoring company, Tutor Doctor Peterborough, Huntingdon, Stamford, Piyush has long championed children in need of additional, attentive support. But Piyush’s achievements go far beyond this, and his journey as a pillar of the community has led him to collaborate with two local charities, Young People March and SEND charity, Little Miracles Peterborough. Now, to mark his gratitude for their ongoing dedication to the community that he loves, he has donated £1,000 to support their development.  


“I’ve donated £500 to both Young People March and Little Miracles Peterborough to show our massive appreciation for everything they have done for students and the local community,” says Piyush. “What better way to say, ‘thank you’ than to help them in their own endeavours? This is also a huge thank you to my tutors, who are giving so much to children who haven’t necessarily had access to mainstream education for various reasons. Innovative lessons, patience and the ability to cater to individual needs haven’t been straight forward, and my tutors have managed it exceptionally well with the support of these fantastic local charities.” 


Having previously worked with Little Miracles Peterborough, Piyush knew of their expert approach to supporting SEND children. With dedicated safe spaces for play and sensory stimulation, he was aware of the benefits that partnering with such a well organised and expertly run SEND charity would have on the young people he tutors. 


Meanwhile, Piyush has been working alongside Young People March since the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020 and throughout that time, has built a bespoke and supportive learning environment in the charity’s well-equipped facility. With Young People March, Piyush has gone above and beyond for students who are out of the mainstream education system in a bid to reinspire their love of learning. Nurturing students’ creativity through engaging education opportunities, together, Piyush and Young People March have integrated arts and crafts, design, cooking, and technologies and glass engraving into regular education to build an inspiring, unique learning environment 


“While we always have quality tutors available, being given the opportunity to use the charities’ fantastic facilities has made Tutor Doctor an even more accessible service to students in need,” says Piyush. I’m really proud to be a part of this. There are children who haven’t had access to these enriching opportunities and need this steppingstone - it’s very humbling to see the positive impact we’re having on young people’s lives. I make a point of staying close to the students to ensure they’re having the best possible experience and have everything they need in order to maximise their learning experience with us. 


As he continues to help students from all backgrounds grow in confidence and ability, Piyush is making vital steps towards improving the lives of families and children in the Peterborough community. With the support of Young People march and Little Miracles, Tutor Doctor is truly making a positive difference to the overall standards of local education provision.  

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