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13/05/2018 08:00 | Gym, Sport & Beauty

Little Gym and Power Rangers team up to create one-of-a-kind birthday parties for children.

Children across the world can now enjoy celebrating their birthdays with the Super Ninja Steel team. A new partnership between Little Gym and Power Rangers sees the two collaborate to create a special kind of party for children who are fans of the Power Rangers empire. The new party joins a wide range of Awesome Birthday Bashes.

The new parities include group challenges where the children have to work together, helping them to build teamwork skills while enjoying a thoroughly fun party. Their mission is to take on and defeat Madame Odius and her minions and save the world. Little Gym also promises the parties will be filled with lots of cake so theres a sweet finish even if they arent quite able to defeat Madame Odius.

Organised by Little Gym, parents wont have to worry about getting the party just right. They can simply relax and enjoy the day themselves. Little Gym will take care of the invitations, drinks, balloons as decorations and paper goods that are needed to see the task run smoothly. They wont even have to worry about cleaning up because Little Gym will sort that out too.

Alex Bingham, president and CEO of Little Gym explains his vision for the parties. He says, Little Gyms main priority when hosting Awesome Birthday Bashes is to give parents and their children and unmatched experience without the stress that can accompany party planning. Partnering with Saban Brands to launch our new Power Rangers Party package will prove instrumental in enhancing this experience for all involved.

Janet Hsu, CEO of Saban Brands shares Binghams enthusiasm for the collaboration. She says, The Power Rangers have always celebrated friendship, fostered teamwork and encouraged being active, so this partnership with The Little Gym, a program that shares our core values, was a natural fit for us.

Indeed, Little Gyms parties promise to incorporate what the brand calls three-dimensional learning, which included Get Moving!, Brain Boost!, and Citizen Kid.

Little Gym is a large franchise, with over 280 locations and operating in 32 countries.

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