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29/08/2018 08:00 | Food

This is what we want to do in the future, as explained by LighterLife.

Head of research and nutrition at LighterLife, Dr. Kelly Johnston, has been sharing her tips for breaking the cycle of unhealthy eating. The weight loss franchise is known for its successful body transformations and what sets it apart from its competitors is its unique 'food counseling' method, which aims to totally transform the way its customers feel about food.

Dr. Johnston advises those on a health kick to keep their house up to speed. She advises them to make a list of them, and it's a good idea to buy them, because they're so easy to pick up, fatty or sugary treats. LighterLife's meal replacement packs, Dr. Johnston says you're likely to succeed.

Dr. Johnston also shares his insight into how people can conquer the mental aspect of dieting. She says that she can not help herself, but she can not help herself. The franchise's weekly support groups are a great place for people to discuss triggers, too, as LighterLife's specially trained counselors will help you understand why you're eating the way you are.

Her final tip is for dieters to be more mindful of their food, taking a moment to think about their choices before indulging in treats. Dr. Johnston says that the occasional treat is ok, but it is easy to slip into the habit of indulging on a daily basis.

LighterLife's total dietary replacement plan helps its customers kickstart weight loss and get back to a healthy weight easy way. It's helped over 400,000 people over the last 30 years and offers fantastic support and returns to its franchises for a low investment cost.

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