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12/08/2018 16:00 | Food

LighterLife has helped one of its customers shed an incredible ten stone in just one year.

LighterLife has yet another fantastic story to add to its long list of successful slimmers. Zoe Greenslade, who initially weighed in at 22st 1lb, has managed to halve her body weight in just one year while becoming twice the woman she was at the start.

She was motivated to join the weight loss franchises programme after finding herself out of breath and generally feeling unwell most of the time. Her weight had also begun to affect her confidence and she turned from a fun-loving social butterfly into a recluse.

After signing up to the LighterLife Total Plan, she found that she quickly began to shed the pounds, with around a stone each month falling off. By using four meal replacements daily, Zoe was able to stick to the plan easily but found the support from her local group the most helpful thing in her journey.

The best thing about LighterLife is the weekly group therapy run by my counsellor, Caroline. I absolutely love the ladies in my group, its great to be able to find friends who can support you on your journey. Theres nothing worse than going it alone. Through the weekly group sessions, Ive been able to explore my emotional triggers around food.

Zoe thanks LighterLife for helping her halve her weight and double her confidence, adding:

Honestly, if I can do this then anyone can. Its given me back the life food was taking away from me and Im now the energetic mum I want to be. LighterLifes unique approach to weight loss works and I cant recommend it enough!

Franchisees who choose to join LighterLife and run their own programme will benefit from the companys 30 years of research and experience, having helped over 300,000 people achieve healthy and slimmed down bodies in this time.

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