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La Donuteria® is one of the FASTEST-GROWING donut lovebrand franchises globally. We bring delicious, exclusive handmade donuts to your city! Always fresh, always sweet and always irresistibly tasty. Our gourmet donuts are hand-made with love each morning according to our special secret recipe. During the pandemic we proved to be a truly Covid-resistant business, as we grew our number of shops by 370%

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The donut franchise is delighted to announce that its network of shops has increased extensively since the start of the pandemic, with signs of further growth ahead.

La Donuteria is happy to report that its number of signed licenses has now grown to 57 shops, across 19 countries. This is an increase – despite the unpredictability of running a retail business during a global pandemic – of 370%. Plus, in September, the donut franchise reached the amazing milestone of having sold 2 million donuts worldwide. 

In the words of La Donuteria, “We are rapidly expanding into 14 new countries during this year and our guests can enjoy our exclusive, hand-made, vegan donuts in locations like Munich, Salzburg, Barcelona, Malaga, Paris, Dublin, Lausanne, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Malta, Cyprus and Lithuania.” Plus, last month La Donuteria agreed with a local established partner that 10 shops would be built in South East Asia. 3 shops are also planning with an Egyptian partner in the Cairo area. 

According to the dessert franchise, there are three reasons why people choose to start their own businesses. Do any of the following apply to you? Reason one: “You believe that you can become your own boss and have more time for your family, friends or hobbies.” Reason two: “You believe that you can be more profitable and reach financial freedom.” Reason three: “You believe that you want to do something that gives you energy, fulfilment and passion.”

La Donuteria can provide you with all of this, and you can become a franchisee with this rapidly growing company for a minimal initial investment of £35,000, with franchise fees of £10,000 and advertising and royalty fees charged at 2% and 6% respectively. Find out more about La Donuteria via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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