Kixx franchisees form the franchise’s first Kixx Academy Owner collaboration

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Kixx The Kixx Mission is to positively impact every child at every opportunity.

Kixx provides a fantastic introduction to football for young children aged between 18 months to 10 years. Our academy sessions develop children’s physical and social skills, simultaneously promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Tom Butterworth and Matt Ellison, who both currently manage multiple Kixx franchises, have joined together to open Kixx Leicester as a collaborative effort. 

Tom and Matt both started their Kixx journeys in the same place, as coaches at Kixx Doncaster. Now, years down the road, Tom owns and runs Kixx Bassetlaw and Kixx Goole & Selby, while Matt owns and runs Kixx Huddersfield, Kixx Dewsbury and Kixx Leeds. Together, they’ve taken on the exciting challenge of getting Kixx Leicester up and running. 

Of their decision to become the football franchise’s first Academy Owner collaboration, Tom explained that, “In the last couple of years we had spoken about launching an academy together a number of times. It was more about waiting for the right time for us both, and the right opportunity.”

In Kixx Leicester, it looks like they’ve found that opportunity, as according to Tom, “Leicester is an amazing city we both love and it’s a place that has truly captured the footballing hearts from around the world in recent years.”

Matt also happily commented on the partnership, and said, “We both started as coaches at Kixx before separately moving onto buying and significantly growing our own franchise areas. We’ve also worked together on a number of national projects for Kixx UK and really enjoyed the process. It’s a truly exciting moment for me personally and it’s going to be a fantastic journey I’ll be able to enjoy with someone who I deeply respect.”

If a franchising role full of football, profit and career development appeals to you, you might well be the perfect Kixx franchisee. To invest with Kixx, you’ll need to put in a minimum initial investment of £5,000, with total investment costs of £14,995 and an expected revenue, after two years, of £85,000. If you’d like to find out more, visit Kixx’s profile page, which is linked above.

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