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Just Shutters published a guide for homeowners who would like to improve their surroundings. 

In its blog post, the shutters franchise said,

“Our homes can have a significant effect on our health, with everything from the colour of the walls to the amount of clutter influencing mental wellbeing. With this in mind, here are some quick and easy ‘life hacks’ to make your home the ultimate calming environment.”

At a time when many of us are stuck indoors, improving our living spaces is a relevant idea. 

The first of Just Shutters’ tips is to add plants; not only do they look great, but they can also reduce stress and health complaints. Next, the franchise suggests homeowners opt to decorate their home with neutral colours, which often have a “calming effect”. 

The blog explained,

“Whatever your interior design style, by limiting ‘loud’ colours to a smattering, you can create your own inner sanctum.”

Just Shutters’ products champion fresh, neutral colours, so they make great window coverings for those choosing a calming decor theme. 

The third home hack is to use soft lighting - and Just Shutters can help here too. Daylight keeps us alert, suppressing melatonin and making it difficult to sleep. But installing shutters is a great way to control the amount of light in your home: 

“The louvres can be angled to fill your home with soft, ambient light and are cosy in the winter months, while in the summer allowing air and sunshine into your home in a controlled way.”

Next, Just Shutters recommends you invest in a great bed. According to The Sleep Council, uncomfortable beds can reduce the amount of sleep you get by an hour each night. Replace your mattress every seven years and do your research by comparing fillings when you make your purchase.

Finally, a minimal look will help you clear your mind. Research shows mess exacerbates stress and anxiety, so consider decluttering and reducing the amount of furniture, fittings and ornaments in your home.

You can read the full blog post on the Just Shutters website.

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