JAN-PRO uses its cleaning services to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis

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JAN-PRO in Pittsburgh, US is using is disinfecting services and powerful machines to help keep people safe.

Disinfecting chemicals are more important now than ever. Bill McNamara, the owner of the Pittsburgh regional office of JAN-PRO drove nine hours to Connecticut to pick up 200 galloons of the stuff before spraying his hotel room with an electrostatic cleaning machine.

He commented: “Both the chemical and the machine are like gold at this point…I was concerned we weren’t going to be able to get it.”

Cleaning companies both in the UK and overseas have experienced increased demand for their disinfecting services to help slow the spread of COVID-19. As well as those working for the NHS, cleaners and caretakers have become front-line workers.

JAN-PRO workers in Pittsburgh recently sprayed Greenfield’s Magee Recreation Center, after it had an exposure to someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus. Dressed head to toe in white “bunny suits” and masks, they have also sprayed an enormous number of medical facilities, day care centres and banks.

JAN-PRO has around 70 franchises in Pittsburgh and has six electrostatic cleaning machines in its regional office in Bridgeville. But how do these essential machines work? They dispense an electrically charged spray that coats surfaces, dries and disinfects in just minutes.

McNamara reports that the machines are backordered for four to five months.

He also said: “Maybe sometimes now people are getting the respect for those folks that come out at night that you never see. They’ll understand now how important these people really are. They’re literally in the front lines of this stuff.”

As the fastest growing commercial cleaning franchise in the world, JAN-PRO is a very exciting investment opportunity. See its client page for more details on the opportunity, including investment cost and the support you’ll receive.

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