IRON BODYFIT joins Point Franchise

Iron BodyFit franchise
Iron BodyFit

A leading franchise on the well-being market through electrostimulation, IRON BODYFIT offers 25-minute sessions equivalent to 4 hours of intense muscle contraction. Our job is to make our members happy.

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The gym franchise, which specialises in offering 25-minute intensive electrostimulation workout sessions, has joined the Point Franchise network.

IRON BODYFIT was founded in 2015, started franchising in 2016 and expanded into international franchising in 2019. This global growth brought IRON BODYFIT to the UK, Spain, Africa and the UAE just last year, and you can be a huge part of helping the brand find its footing in the UK. But what is IRON BODYFIT, and why is it so different to competitor brands in the fitness space? 

In short, the gym franchise is a pioneering electrostimulation company at the forefront of technological development in fitness. With IRON BODYFIT, happy customers can complete 25-minute sessions equivalent to four hours of intense muscle contractions. According to the brand, it “only takes one session a week” to “stay in shape and sculpt your body”. Physical and psychological results are “rapid and visible”.

If you’re interested in joining IRON BODYFIT’s rapidly growing network in 2022, you can become an IRON BODYFIT franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £30,000, with franchise fees of £50,000 and a total investment cost of £160,000. After two years in business, your expected revenue stands at an impressive £400,000.

In return for an investment with IRON BODYFIT, you’ll benefit from the brand’s strong existing reputation and customer base AND the brand’s fully-honed franchise package. You’ll receive training (EMS Technician training, commercial and entrepreneurial training, ongoing training, specific training courses on request, and so on), access to unique IRON SECRET know-how and tailor-made studio management software. You’ll also be provided with free communication and infographic tools, invited to annual seminars and much, much more.

In the words of IRON BODYFIT, “The IRON BODYFIT studios are very simple to manage and without any variable load, which allows a quick and complete control of its budget and its activity.” Find out more about starting your own IRON BODYFIT franchise, supporting the ongoing development of a global brand in the UK, via the franchise’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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