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07/10/2018 16:00 | Pet

Leading pet food delivery franchise Husse explains how its products could make your pet healthier than ever

Husse’s American operations continue to grow and Astrid Oetliker, president of the local Husse in Lake Wales, Florida, has been explaining why more people should take advantage of the pet food brand and its handy delivery service.

She explained how her own beloved pets changed for the better after she started feeding them the pet food and was so enamoured with the range that she made a cross-continent move from Europe to bring the pet food franchise to sunny Florida.

“I [tried] the products on my own pets and saw the big difference after changing the food. Thus, I moved from Europe to Florida to bring these excellent products to customers.”

Oetliker explained what sets Husse apart from its competitors.

“As most of the pet food sold in the US includes genetically manipulated ingredients, it is hard to find products for pets that are healthy for the pet’s sensitive digestion. Husse products solve that issue.”

As well as offering nutritionally dense food that’s less processed than the majority of popular pet foods, Husse also offers a convenient home delivery service at no extra cost to the customer. So, even customers who aren’t able to get out and about can ensure their pets are fed premium pet food.

Since it was started in 1987, founder Tom Eliasson has expanded his quality brand of pet food exponentially. It can now be found in more than 45 countries across the globe, offering a premium, healthy alternative to most pet foods that ensures the health and wellbeing of your furry friends. It’s still looking for new faces to join more than 1000 successful franchisees, to help it bring its mission to every pet in the world.

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