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really-awesome-coffee-100-coffee-vans-growthAs we approach 80 franchise partners within our network, we were recently excited to see van number 100 leaving our head office in Coventry!  

It has been an exciting decade for Really Awesome Coffee. Starting out with just 1 coffee van in 2010, then operated by our MD - Kevin Haswell, to now cementing our status as the UK’s largest mobile cafe network as we celebrate 100 vans on the road across the UK.

Kevin said “the plan was always to build a network of franchised coffee vans. However, to actually hit 100 vans, and have an amazing team around me, is a great feeling… and in honesty, I think we’re really only just getting started”.

Being a mobile operation, we have been able to adapt our business model to meet the challenges of the last few years, and these adaptations have helped the network grow and thrive. 

Kevin started Really Awesome Coffee having experienced growth in the industry during the 08/09 recession and the flexibility and control that a mobile coffee business provides set us up for continued growth and even more success over the next few years.

Marc & Klara launch van 100 in Lincoln

really-awesome-coffee-marc-and-klara-franchiseMarc and Klara had the honour of taking Really Awesome Coffee to van 100. They have hit the ground running since their launch earlier this month with record takings in their first week, and also being firm customer favourites on their daily coffee round.

In his early adulthood, Marc was involved in a life-changing road traffic accident, which left him paralysed from the chest down and required the aid of a wheelchair. Marc says “Being paralysed has only made me strong and more determined to achieve my goals in life.”

We’re expecting good things (and likely multiple vans) for Marc & Klara over the coming months. 

Multi-Unit Operations 

Whilst the majority of our network runs a single coffee van from home, roughly 1 in 7 franchise partners now operates multiple mobile cafes (with a couple operating 6 each!).

We’re always looking for ways to grow and open up new opportunities for our franchise partners. As well as the standard coffee vans, we also support a couple of coffee shops, some dedicated ‘events’ trailers, some ‘ice-cream & waffle vans’ and some ‘mobile coffee stations’. 

We are consistently growing, with new franchise partners joining the network every month, and have already increased the frequency of our Virtual Discovery Presentations to 2-3 per month to cope with the demands of franchise enquiries.


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