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As announced in a recent Facebook post, the ice cream franchise is focused on sustainable causes in 2022, and customers can help Groovy Moo plant trees for just £1.23.

Groovy Moo always tries its hardest “to be as sustainable as possible”, and this dedication has led them to a partnership with Sustainably Run Restaurants. In the Facebook post, the growing dessert franchise shared its Planting Certificate, which stated: “This certificate is to confirm that THE GROOVY MOO ICE CREAM CO LIMITED has planted a life-changing 109 trees through Sustainably Run Restaurants (epos now).

Groovy Moo is asking some of its “amazing Groovy Moo customers to help support this cause by donating £1.23 on top of [their] purchase to plant fruit trees in third world countries to help with CO2 & carbon footprint reduction”. As Sustainably Run Restaurants’ certificate puts it, Groovy Moo is “helping change the lives of communities across the developing world for generations to come” - and customers can be a part of it. Every tree planted helps to:

  • Reverse climate change - “Every tree planted will remove on average 25KG of CO2 from the atmosphere every year of its life.”

  • Stop desertification - “Plant a tree on deforested land and the root systems draw water to the surface and regenerate the soil.”

  • Provide food for underprivileged children - “By planting fruit trees in Africa, Asia or South America you help provide sustainable sources of food for the communities who plant them.”

  • Provide education to the developing world - “Educate farmers and their communities about agroforestry, which is how to use their farmland efficiently to ensure sustainable maximum yields year after year.”

To find out more about this ice cream company with sustainable, caring and community-focused business practises, visit Groovy Moo’s profile page on Point Franchise. You’ll discover it linked above.

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