Full Circle Funeral Partners Director champions biophilic design

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Full Circle Funerals Partners Full Circle Funerals Partners is a fast growing disrupter business that is bringing the funeral industry up to date with modern, non religious premises, genuine flexibility and staff who don’t wear black!

A completely person-centred funeral service that enables people to create funerals that truly reflect the person that has died, and help their family and friends

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Full Circle Funeral Partners’ Director, Sarah Jones, has shared her thoughts on the importance of biophilic design. 

Sarah, who understands the impact natural design features can have on our wellbeing, has created calming rooms where staff can discuss funeral arrangements with bereaved families. 

While many people imagine funeral parlours to be dark and dreary, Sarah hopes to create more welcoming and comforting spaces. She said,

“I believe that our physical environment has a huge impact on how we feel and all my design choices are informed by my knowledge about design for wellbeing and biophilia. 

“There are many ways of incorporating nature into our direct environment and when we consider natural colours, patterns, light and textures, the opportunities are endless.” 

Sarah has become an expert at bringing the outdoors in: 

“We have wallpaper with birch tree patterns, untreated wooden furniture and decorations made from driftwood and dried flowers… We also have as many plants as possible… large potted trees, lots of succulents, herbs and botanicals.”

As someone who works to support those who have lost loved ones, the funeral franchise director has developed a keen interest in mental wellbeing. She added,

“I would love to have a skylight in every living space to maximise natural light. I am a big believer in the importance of trying to be true to our circadian rhythms and exposing ourselves to natural light as much as possible is a big part of that.” 

Ultimately, Sarah hopes to continue creating light, airy spaces and help banish the notion of intimidating funeral parlours for good. 

“I am proud of applying the principles of design for wellbeing and applying them to funeral care. There is a perception that funeral directors services are dark and oppressive places and I would like to help to challenge that.”

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