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Kixx The Kixx Mission is to positively impact every child at every opportunity.

Kixx provides a fantastic introduction to football for young children aged between 18 months to 10 years. Our academy sessions develop children’s physical and social skills, simultaneously promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

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kixx-franchise-webinarOn July 27th at 19:00, our Kixx franchising team will host an amazing Webinar for everyone interested in becoming a Kixx franchisee.

In the webinar, you discover what we do, how we do it, and how you can join one of the fastest-growing football academy businesses in the UK. 

To dwell a bit on Kixx success, 2022 has been a fantastic year with lots of new Kixx Academy and Franchise launches. However, we still have many more incredible opportunities all over the UK for the right people. 

You will hear from our founder, Ben Hunter, who started Kixx over ten years ago, listening to some of the pivotal members of Kixx UK about their journey as Kixx franchisees; how and why they started. Just as professional footballer Joe Wright, keeping the spirit of football alive in the UK with Kixx.

We have an existing and growing franchise family made up of an incredible network of individuals. A family from current and former professional footballers, football coaches, school teachers, operational managers, and even Armed Forces Veterans.


The Kixx brand has attracted several sports professionals, individuals like one of the world’s leading boxing coaches, David Coldwell, and current professional footballer Joss Labadie.

Not only has the brand influenced people to invest from outside of Kixx but also from inside too. Several Kixx UK staff and Kixx coaches have become Kixx franchisees, showcasing their belief in the Kixx model.

With all these franchisees, you might think a background in football is required to become a Kixx franchisee. However, this is not the case. You just need to have the desire to own and manage a fast-growing business and a passion to make a difference in the lives of children through sports.

Discover more about outdoor sports franchising here:

If you want to join the Kixx webinar, know there are limited spaces and that you need to provisionally book one via the following Google Form.

Simply enter the details requested, and Kixx will be in touch via email leading up to the Webinar, providing a link for the event. 

In general, with the growth of the Kixx franchise network, In 2023, expect several UK territories to have been taken. So, beginning your journey with the webinar is the best place to start!

If you have any questions about the Webinar or Kixx franchising, email or call Kixx on 01302 618080. Alternatively, click "REQUEST INFORMATION" at the top of this article, and a Point Franchise expert will be in touch.

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