Franchising meets TV: Subway makes its on-air debut

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The fast-food franchise channels its broadcasting brains as its franchisee Kareemaa Musa featured on The One Show to show her journey of becoming a Subway store owner.

The One Show has started a series on franchises. The popularity of franchising has soared: a total of 50,000 franchise businesses stand in the UK. People have come to realise that a tried-and-test and effective way of starting up your own business is having the name of a well-established brand behind you to back you all the way.

The One Show four-part franchise series aired the week of Monday 1st April, following Subway franchise owner Kareemaa Musa and how she came to invest in and run her very own store.

The series went into detail of the reality that is starting a franchise. Each episode focused on what the opportunities require and what the process involves, following Musa through every administrative, training and recruitment process there is to franchising and the challenges you may face as business owner.

Country Director of Subway UK and Ireland, Colin Hughes, hopes that the series inspires other to start up a franchise and bring the opportunities there are to fulfil their career goals as a business owner to viewers’ awareness.

Kareemaa’s location lies in the heart of Barnsley and boasts new store features like digital menu boards and a more enticing display of veggies and fillings to coax in the health-conscious Subway consumer. The series showed how she as a franchisee of the sandwich business has full autonomy in running the store and how her team of Sandwich Artists are the driving force of everyday business.

She is delighted with the progress of her business ventures and the opportunity to share them on such a platform. She says: “It has been a real privilege to have shared my journey of becoming a Subway franchise owner with The One Show. It has been a very emotional journey, and I hope it inspires viewers at home who may have thought about venturing into franchising to take that step.”

Although the fast-food giant is swimming in outlet stores across the globe, it never stops searching for potential franchisees like the successful Kareemaa, who have the drive and entrepreneurial spirit to make an even better name for the household-name restaurant.

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