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Christmas Decorators franchise
Christmas Decorators Lighting Up Businesses & Homes For 25 Years

Be part of The Christmas Decorators – the UK’s favourite seasonal decorating company. Chosen by celebrities, national brands and many other iconic clients, including premiership footballers and Harrods. Our successful franchisees provide bespoke decorating services for both commercial and residential properties.

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Shobhna is Great British Franchisee Winner of 2022. Swapping tailored suits and heels for hi-vis vests and steel toe caps

What did you do before joining the Christmas Decorators?

I was operating a luxury diamond wholesale company. My company was a supplier to the Company of Master jewellers which was by invitation only.  We supplied to very high end jewellers around the UK like Goldsmith etc. This closed due to the 2008 economy crash.

What made you choose The Christmas Decorators Franchise?

I moved to London in 2014 hoping to set up my jewellery company again in Hatton gardens. Whilst I was waiting for the right time in the market, I wanted to pass my time and saw the ideal opportunity in the Christmas decorator franchise, believing it to be a seasonal business which I could do in the winter months, but I was swept off my feet with the success I have experienced and never returned to the jewellery trade. 

How useful did you find the initial training?        

The initial training is very useful especially if you are not from a creative background .In the creative workshops we are taught how to put colours together, which floral picks can be grouped together to create designer trees and garlands and  amazing Christmas displays  . There is also technical training in which we learn about fixing methods, the correct tools, and fixings for the type of work lighting, erecting giant trees etc.  Through -out the year we are offered ongoing training in a number of areas relating to our work.

What kind of support have you received from the head office team?

Whenever I have required support with my installs , I will contact the head office team who have been outstanding in giving the correct technical advice and support. The head office team have supported me during  site visits and client meetings, sharing their immense knowledge and any time spent with the team is priceless , you come away learning so much.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the business?

 Being part of the franchise is key to my success. it’s the spring board you require when setting up a new business, I enjoy being part of the brand, and the team. For instance Ronaldo is a great football player but without his teammates  he would not have been able to score all those goals by himself and therefore experience the success he is now enjoying . Similarly, without the team at head office I would not be as successful as I am.  Each individual member at head office has some experience that they can share with us for our business to grow successfully.

I also enjoy being part of the brand.  The strength and might of our brand name gives us an advantage over other companies when tendering for new business. It’s now a national and respected company and one that customers trust to do business with.

What advice would you have for anyone thinking of taking on a territory?

 I would advise them to prepare and organise themselves well before the Christmas trade begins. Have plenty of the stock and variety of decorations. It is essential to have a good staff team as they are the face of your company. They should be are trained to do all the jobs correctly so they feel confidant when out on installs and be trained to deliver good customer service so that the customers come back every year. 

How do you see the future for your business? 

My business has been growing every year since I purchased the franchise. I have set myself high goals and I am confidant of reaching them. I thoroughly enjoy the work we do and love work /life balance it affords , and the financial freedom I get from running a successful and thriving company.  . 

Meet Jamie – Cheshire Franchisee

How Jamie swapped accountancy to becoming a successful Christmas Decorator

What did you do before joining the Christmas Decorators?

For 20 years I worked as a qualified accountant for numerous large businesses. Accountancy came easy to me and paid well. It’s a solid career. A respectable job. Once the pandemic was over I decided after 20 years of spreadsheets it had became groundhog day and I needed a new challenge and the ability to recap the rewards of my hard work.

What made you choose The Christmas Decorators Franchise?

I had some experience installing Christmas decorations for a franchise and loved it. I would be thinking while I worked that there were better ways of doing the job, efficiencies that could make the business better and more profitable so when the opportunity came up to buy a Christmas Decorators franchise I felt it was the right time in my life and ready to put my money where my mouth is.

What has been the biggest challenge that has contributed to your business success?

I think one of the most important life events that has made our business a success was leaving school at 16 years old after my GCSEs and heading off to Art College. At the end of my course at 18, I thought that there wasn’t going to be a decent living for me in the creative industry so got a run of the mill office job and fell into accountancy. I studied hard weekends and evenings whilst working and qualified when I was 24.

But my passion for art and design has always been with me, from day 1 as a Christmas Decorator I realised that art is a deep rooted passion of mine and when you combine passion and work the results are very impressive for our customers and massively rewarding for me.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the business?

The freedom that it affords me. After working for big businesses for many years I never found that the harder you worked the better thought of or recognition you got. Whereas running my own business I get to see the results and find this hugely rewarding. 

How have you found the training and support?

The training and support is brilliant. We are going into our third year now have attended additional training every year. To help reinforce some of things we have been learning during the set up of our franchise. There is lots of training on offer which is in depth and gives you all the tools you need to run your franchise.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone buying a franchise?

To really commit to the franchise, throw yourself into the deep end and just enjoy yourself. Make sure you fully understanding what you are buying into making sure it’s the right franchise for you.

How do you see the future for your business? 

The future is bright. We have doubled our turnover in our second year and then we plan to just keep building from there. 

One of my strengths as an accountant was identifying inefficiencies and making improvements to processes, making things quick, slicker and streamlined. These skills are all transferable into the franchise world and I intend to set up my business to be ran as best as it can be.  

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