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The franchise recently shared a blog to the FASTSIGNS website detailing how to successfully remove signwriting from a van whenever it’s time for a marketing refresh.

In the words of the sign franchise, which boasts plenty of expertise and experience with all things signage and graphic design, “Keeping the vehicle graphics on your van up-to-date is all part of successful branding. After all, it’s probably the hardest-working advert for your business. It’s there 24/7, seen by everyone you drive by or who walks past.” If you’re looking to remove vinyl lettering or designs, here’s what FASTSIGNS recommends that you’ll need:


  • Normal car washing equipment
  • A heat gun or hairdryer
  • A thin plastic scraper
  • Glue or tar remover
  • A microfibre cloth
  • Some T-Cut or polish (optional)

The steps were then laid out by FASTSIGNS as follows:

1. Get your van clean - When it’s clean, you’ll “see exactly where the edges of the graphics are” and know “where you need to start from”. 

2. Heat the signwriting - “Heating up the vinyl makes it pliable and loosens the glue bonding it to the bodywork. You need to start work on the corner of a design or letter, as this is its weakest point. Heat only a small area of the piece at a time.”

3. Get peeling - “Work up the corner of the design with your thin plastic scraper - being very careful not to scratch the paintwork. Try to peel the vinyl away from the bodywork by hand at first, as this is both the easiest and least risky method.”

4. Remove the glue residue - This will likely be left on the paintwork when the vinyl is off. Get rid of it by buffing “the area with some glue remover on a microfibre cloth”.

5. Minimise the ‘ghosting’ effect - Ghosting is something that happens when vinyl is removed and “a more vibrant original paint colour” is revealed. According to FASTSIGNS, “Although it isn’t possible to remove this completely, you can use T-cut to blend together the lines where different shades meet, making it less obvious. Alternatively, make sure any new designs and lettering that you’re adding cover up the marks.”

Find out more about FASTSIGNS, and a potential investment with the growing signage chain, via its profile page on Point Franchise (linked above).

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