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Endura Roses’ founder has described the brand’s latest collection and spoken about why customers love it. 

The retail franchise sells a variety of different floral arrangements designed to last a lifetime. While fresh, cut flowers only last a week or two, Endura Roses products can be kept for decades. 

The company’s latest offering, Nature’s Symphony, celebrates the winter months and features bold designs and rich colours. It has 10 different themes, including ‘Rainbow Pride’ and ‘Enchanted Forest’. 

There’s also a ‘Dark Beauty’ bouquet with dark green, burgundy, red and purple tones, and a ‘Midnight Opulence’ arrangement, with a single blue rose surrounded by dark foliage. For a more striking arrangement, the franchise has created ‘Gloriously Golden’, which includes a single rose dipped in a golden coating. 

Endura Roses also offers a subscription service from its stores in Manchester, Birmingham and London. 

The founder and CEO of Endura Roses, Awais Babar spoke about how customers have valued the arrangements during challenging times: 

"We had a customer come to look at the Ray of Hope collection we created last year, when Covid started. She told us that she loved the different arrangements and she wanted specific flowers and designs from a range of different collections.

"We were able to have a meeting with her where we discussed styles and colours and what would best suit her home and we personalised a whole collection for her. She loved the first collection so much that she soon came back and ordered another personalised arrangement.”

Awais added, 

“We also had another girl who came to us recently whose mother had just passed away from terminal cancer. She gave her one of our naturally enhanced roses and she now has a very special memory which she could keep forever.”

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