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The preserved floral arrangement company recently shared how investors could easily franchise overseas using master franchising and regional franchising models.

Endura Roses expressed that franchising overseas can be an amazing opportunity to reinvigorate a business or, indeed, a career. The retail franchise recommended master franchising and regional franchising models as ways of branching out on a global scale without having to battle huge operational costs, and expressed that potential overseas franchisees would have a place with Endura Roses.

As a world-leading supplier of preserved flowers and floral arrangements, the company is continuing to expand with every passing year. Right now, the franchise operates on a B2B (business-to-business) and a B2C (business-to-consumer) level. With six stores across the UK already operational, the company’s business model is very flexible and open to expansion. It’s an innovative, unique brand which offers some very specialist items in the world of floral arrangements, including:

  • Flowers preserved with a non-toxic formula 

  • Flowers sprayed with subtle but beautiful Endura fragrances

  • Couture services

  • Unique arrangement designs

Customers can choose from a wide array of designs, ranging from traditional to modern, with multicoloured options and diamond-encrusted petal options available. The luxury gift franchise is operating in a perfectly crafted niche of the retail sector, and with minimal competition out there matching the quality of Endura Roses’ incredible offerings, the franchise is the perfect choice for an overseas or UK-based investment.

If you’d like to become an Endura Roses master franchisee, regional franchisee or general franchisee, you’ll need to make a minimum investment with the business of £50,000, with franchise fees of £15,000 and total investment costs of £120,000.

Since 2016, Endura Roses has been in full bloom, growing and developing its offerings and business model. If you’d like to join the network, visit Endura Roses’ profile page, linked above.

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