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The retail franchise has created a stunning new ten-option range of preserved flowers, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of nature.

The Nature’s Symphony collection is inspired by nature, which the franchise calls “the most beautiful source”, and each of the ten themed options features a combination of preserved roses and other dry arrangements. Their bold colours will change with the seasons. 

The franchise said:

“Inspiring, dazzling, intimidating and astonishing us with her many marvels and miracles. From green, charming hills, snow-capped mountains and lush, leafy forests to gushing streams, vibrant meadows and vast blue oceans and seas, [Mother Nature] offers countless beauties to behold and witness.”

Here are the ten options contained within the retail franchise’s Nature’s Symphony collection:

  • Bohemian Chic - Offers a beachy, Californian aesthetic. Feels relaxed but remains incredibly beautiful. Featuring earthy, warm colours, the Bohemian Chic should make you feel wild and free. 

  • Enchanted Forest - Helps us delve into our deepest fantasies, and encourages imagination through a vibrant balance of colours. Conjuring up visions of a land of dreams, Enchanted Forest is a tempting doorway into a magical world. 

  • Rainbow Pride - Encourages individuality and celebrates acceptance. The brightest of the bunch, full of unique and vibrant colours, Rainbow Pride will make your heart glow with happiness. 

  • Luscious Jungle - Inspires awe and amazement, feels like something untouched, newly discovered and magnificent. Luscious Jungle is vibrant, full of the beautiful green tones of nature.

  • Pretty In Pastel - Feels soft, warm and full of love. Full of delicate shades and beautiful petals, Pretty In Pastel is the perfect arrangement to gift a close friend in order to express your adoration and appreciation.

  • Gloriously Golden - Gloriously Golden screams extravagance and luxury. The rich, glittering warmth of the arrangement is complemented by patterned feathers and cream touches.

  • Cool Silvers - Perfectly represents a new start, or an exciting opportunity. This calming Cool Silvers bouquet, full of greys and blues, is the perfect arrangement to celebrate a wedding, or perhaps the arrival of a baby. 

  • Dark Beauty - Represents deep and all-consuming love. Dark Beauty exudes lust and romance through dark, moody tones, but speaks to whole-hearted adoration with pops of solid, stand-out red.

  • Midnight Opulence - Feels subtle, yet elegant. Midnight Opulence is the darker cousin of Cool Silvers. It’s a textured statement bouquet featuring beautiful shades of deep blue and purple. 

  • Zen Paradise - Takes design elements from Ikebana style and combines them Endura muted reds, oranges, yellows and greens. Zen Paradise is a minimalistic piece, offering a classy and classical finish to any home.

To discover more about franchising with Endura Roses, visit the Endura Roses profile page, linked above.

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