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Between Monday 14th and Sunday 20th, the preserved floral arrangement specialist has enjoyed a week dedicated completely to flowers.

British Flowers Week is a campaign run by New Covent Garden Market each year, with 2021 being its ninth year in action. The weeklong event celebrates the beauty of British flowers, and all the florists that create such stunning arrangements up and down the country. 

As it is every year, Endura Roses was proud to get involved, displaying arrangements in The Trafford Centre, wider Manchester, Westfield, London, The Bullring and wider Birmingham.

Some of the most popular arrangement choices during British Flowers Week 2021 were Rainbow Pride (June is recognised globally as LGBT Pride Month, so there’s a built-in crossover), Pretty in Pastel, Grandeur and Magnificent Palais. Whatever the arrangement choice, the Endura Roses displays wowed customers and brought colour to city streets this week.

The retail franchise prides itself on its master craftsmanship, preserving flowers in breathtaking arrangements. Every dried rose is both perfect and unique, from the petals to the colours and embellishments, and each Endura Roses creation will bring a bit of preserved magic to the recipient's life. Endura Roses bouquets last a minimum of three years, thanks to an exclusive preservation process. 

If you’re interested in investing in this unique and thriving franchise, master franchising opportunities are currently available. To become an Endura Roses master franchisee, you’ll need to invest a minimum of £50,000, with franchise fees of £15,000 and a total investment cost of £120,000. Advertising fees are charged to franchisees monthly at a rate of 1%, and royalty fees are charged at 6% as a fixed fee per product. Visit the flower franchise’s profile page, above, to find out more.

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