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Independent Auditor confirms that cleaning franchise Ecocleen has things in order when it comes to information security.

Cleaning franchise Ecocleen has been achieved ISO 27001 certification for its efforts to protect the data of its customers, staff and associates. This means that the cleaning franchise has been confirmed to meet the international standard of information security.

Ecocleen has recently undergone audits in all areas of its business, covering its quality, risk, safety, environmental and energy management systems. The franchise has now been confirmed as the most accredited business within the UK cleaning industry.

Ecocleen was granted ISO 27001 certification in data management following a full assessment by an independent auditor, who tested Ecocleens information systems to ensure that they conformed with the highest standards of data protection.

In the next three years, the cleaning franchise will complete a re-certification process to confirm that it is running a sturdy ship. As a result, the financial information, intellectual property, employee details and third-party information that it holds will be shown to be fully under wraps.

In all parts of its business, everything is above board at Ecocleen. Unlike its competitors, Ecocleen is the only cleaning service provider to have been granted ISO 31000 certification for risk management. Jean-Henri Beukes, Managing Directer of Ecocleen, spoke of how important official accreditation is for the franchise:
Maintaining the highest possible standards is of upmost importance to the business

He also added: We have a duty of care to our customers, staff and associates, so we are committed to assessing and regulating our management systems and processes to ensure we comply with the most widely-recognised and internationally-accepted standards. This all contributes to our ability to deliver the best commercial cleaning solutions in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.

Now that Ecocleen has achieved a clean sweep of all of aspects of its business, it can carry on delivering its sparkling service to its office, retail, healthcare and industrial clients across the UK.

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