Dunkiní Donuts launches themed weddings in Las Vegas

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Dunkiní Fans are in for a treat with the launch of Dunkiní Donuts inspired weddings.

If you and your partner are both Dunkiní Donuts enthusiasts and are planning on tying the knot soon, then your dreams of a doughnut-themed wedding have come true.

The doughnut franchise is providing the service at Sure Thing, a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, which is managed by Flora Pop, a pop-up wedding company. The exciting event will take place on the 9th of February, from 11am till 3pm.

Couples can expect to see the the chapel embellished with vibrant Dunkiní decorations and say ďI doĒ in front of a pink-haired officiant.

Steering clear from tradition, Dunkiní Donuts has ditched the classic flower bouquets and opted for a tastier, trendier bouquet. Therefore, the first 100 couples who arrive will be awarded with a custom Dunkiní Donuts bouquet, presented beautifully with delicious treats - making the special day even sweeter.

Dunkiní Donuts doesnít discriminate, with everyone being welcome to come and get married, from couples who are renewing their wedding vows to those who are only recently engaged. It promises to offer a truly unmissable wedding experience that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

As well as catering for the valentines in Vegas, the food franchise is also launching and reintroducing limited edition doughnuts especially for Valentineís Day. The new addition is the Bling Sprinkles Donut, which comes in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavour. The heart-shaped doughnuts will also be returning, coming in varieties such as Jelly and Boston Kreme. Finally, keeping in line with the theme of Valentineís Day, where two people come together to celebrate their love for one another, is the Cookie Dough & Brownie Batter Double Filled Donut. This is the doughnut chainís first ever doughnut comprised of two fillings, with twice the amount of filling of the other doughnuts.

Dunkiní Donuts has been in the food and beverage business for almost 70 years now and boasts over 11,000 restaurants in 33 countries. It is hardly surprising that itís the eighth- largest fast food restaurant chain based on the number of locations.

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