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07/04/2018 17:00 | Food

This year, Boston Marathon runners will be putting their best feet forward in Dunkiní Donut trainers.

They say that inspiration is found the most unlikely places, and that definitely rings true for the latest collaboration. When you think of running, the last thing on your mind is probably doughnuts, but thatís not the case for Saucony, the running shoe brand.

As the Boston Marathon looms (this year held on the 16th April), Saucony has designed a fresh pair of trainers to kickstart excitement for the event. In fact, the sports brand does this every year to raise awareness of the event (and its own brand of course). This year it has chosen Dunkiní Donuts as its design muse; but this combination may not be as unlikely as you expect.

The first ever Dunkiní Donuts was in Boston and the Massachusetts capital is the home of its headquarters today. The brand is also named after the delight of dunking a doughnut into coffee, and Strava, the running app, found that coffee was the most talked about food or drink on the app. Plus, a marathon runner has noted that there are 18 Dunkiní Donut chains that could act as a handy pit stop along the race route.

So what do these new trainers look like? Theyíre not as out there as you may imagine Ė theyíre still very stylish as far as running shoes go. Featuring half a pink doughnut on the heal and sprinkles along the side, thereís no denying that they are Dunkiní Donuts themed. Youíll also notice two DDs on the tongue and Boston written on the side, both in the Dunkiní Donut font. Then thereís the bright orange sole that fades to pink towards the back and the bottom has a coffee cup slashed into the grip design. To finish it all off, a small strip on the heel reads ĎAmerica runs on Dunkiníí.

Each pair costs $110 Ė itís unknown how many runners will be donning them for the event, but they certainly are one of a kind. For over 65 years, Dunkiní Donuts has been bringing the joy of doughnuts and coffee to America, and the franchise is now operating in 33 countries. Itís little wonder that these sweet treats are worthy of such a big celebration.

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