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Driver Hire has announced that it’s teamed up with Horizon Vehicle Management to widen the services it can offer customers.

Driver Hire is already at the top of the logistics and transport recruitment game, but it’s always looking for ways to improve and expand the services it offers its loyal customers. To do so, it’s teamed up with fleet incident management specialist Horizon Vehicle Management to expand the range of services offered under its DriveWise portfolio.

In addition to the licence checking, fleet audits, driver profiling and in-vehicle coaching it already offers, business franchise Driver Hire will now also offer Horizon’s 40 years of experience in fleet recovery, repair and vehicle replacement to its customers. In return, the fleet management company will recommend Driver Hire’s services to its customers, making the relationship a mutually beneficial one.

Speaking about the fantastic new partnership, Driver Hire’s commercial director David Slack said:

“DriveWise and Horizon Vehicle Management offer services that are in sync. For instance, Horizon Vehicle Management will be offering our licence checking service to their customers. In turn we can recommend their specialist, trusted fleet accident management to our customers.”

Danny Flowers from Horizon Vehicle Management elaborated on how the new partnership will benefit Driver Hire’s customers.

“When added to driver profiles, our data on incidents can be used to further indicate their exposure to risk. Through DriveWise, they can then arrange appropriate in-vehicle coaching to improve their driving and reduce incidents. Our joint overall aim is to make roads safer for everyone. We’re looking forward to working together to introduce an even greater range of risk management services.”

If you’d like to become a Driver Hire franchisee, find out more about the exciting opportunity here. With a network of more than 100 franchisees, the award-winning franchise has a considerable presence right here in the UK.

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