Dedicated OSCAR Pet Foods franchisee celebrates 2 decades of business

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06/07/2018 16:00 | Pet

Steve Pointon, veteran franchisee of OSCAR Pet Foods, has been celebrating an incredible 20 years of running his own business.

Steve Pointon made the move to OSCAR Pet Foods after finding himself tied up in the stressful politics of the banking industry, making the most of his sales experience. Together with wife Jacqui, they waited until their children grew up before deciding to take the plunge into the world of franchising, to give them more time together as a family.

However, the duo wasnt sure which sort of business they were interested in running. They first considered running a fast-food franchise, but quickly discovered a better alternative. Pointon says we bumped into OSCAR and pet food. The principle of an OSCAR business was clearly filling a unique gap in the market, while my background fulfilled the criteria of the business sales and people. Pets were a bonus.

Pointon was taken on board by OSCAR straightaway and he says that the business was helpful and gave them a product and service that they knew they could sell. As their business took off, Pointon found that hed built a community from his customers and other franchisees, which proved invaluable when he was hit by a devastating loss in the family. With the support and comfort of his children and the community, he was able to carry on running his successful franchise. As Pointon says, where better can you find comfort than in owning a pet?

He added, there's nothing like having a cuppa and a chat and working to maintain my own personal well-being takes me to all walks of life where there is always a new customer with a story to tell. In time I met Jean, who was more than happy to climb on board with OSCAR and is my right hand in technology. Having passed the COAPE course in animal nutrition she also keeps all the administration up to date while I continue to take full advantage of being able to work to suit my lifestyle and my belief in our future.

Established in 1990 as a family business, OSCAR Pet Foods prides itself on delivering high-quality pet foods and a range of pet accessories right to customers doors.

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