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Join our Crepe Delicious Franchise, the world’s largest Crepe Franchise!

Chef Oded embarked on an international quest to find the perfect addition to a vibrant North American quick-service restaurant and fast casual industry. His travels took him around the world, including Western Europe, the Far East and North Africa. While visiting Paris, France, Oded observed street vendors serving crepes and fell in love. He immediately began to visualise the combination of North Americans’ love for street food with the delights of a fresh crepe. He took this simple yet stylish concept, combined it with his hotel/restaurant experience of more than twenty years and founded Crepe Delicious.

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The well-loved crepe recipe has been made into a retail product, which franchisees can sell in store.

This isn’t the first time the savvy team at Crepe Delicious have worked hard to diversify and increase the franchise's revenue. The crepe franchise also offers live event catering services, and over 100 flavours of gelato are available in store, providing for the taste buds of anyone and everyone. With this new retailable crepe mix in stores, customers can buy and try at home, enjoying their favourite food in a comfortable, safe space. 

With fresh and high quality ingredients, Crepe Delicious’s products are delicious each and every time, whether they’re whipped up by professionals, or made at home using a mix. The customer is happy, and the franchise continues to make money, so everyone wins.

Crepe Delicious was founded in 2004 by Oded Yefet. During his travels prior to founding Crepe Delicious, Oded explored many different countries and cultures, and his experiences informed and inspired his choices when crafting the franchise from the ground up. Since then, Crepe Delicious has expanded significantly. The business now boasts over 65 locations worldwide, and is the largest, fastest-growing crepe franchise.

If you’re interested in becoming involved with the thriving crepe franchise, know that all franchisees receive a full programme of training and extensive support before, during and after launch of their store. A minimum investment of £50,000 is required.

Asked who his ideal franchisee would be, Oded said, 

“My ideal franchisee is someone who loves what they do. They represent my brands and they are the face of my company. If they love the business and they are proud of what they do, that shows and that is what helps drive our growth and success.”

Think you fit the bill? Discover more about Crepe Delicious via its profile page, linked above.

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