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Countrywide Ground Maintenance’s parent group has ditched its old moniker in favour of a friendlier name

Countrywide Ground Maintenance’s parent company, The Dwyer Group, has changed its name to Neighborly across its global operations. Since 2017, its US operations including the landscaping franchise have gone under the new, friendlier group name, which exemplifies the community of home service experts within the franchise group.

Mike Bidwell, CEO of franchise group Neighborly, explained why the name change was so significant:

"Since launching Neighborly in the U.S. in 2017, our platform for home services has increased engagement with customers and made a powerful and positive impact across our service brands. Now it's time to bring that same Neighborly brand home to our corporate offices around the world to amplify the collective synergies of our service brands internally as well."

He added that despite the name of Dwyer Group being left behind, its successful parenting of 21 service brands will continue under its new, friendly and consumer facing name.

Jeff Meyers, Vice-President of International Operation, expanded on Bidwell’s explanation, saying that the new name represents the connected nature of its franchisees:

“Our franchisees are now more connected than ever with their local communities and creating opportunities to strengthen their relationships with both new and existing customers. The rebranding reinforces our commitment to helping today's consumers to easily connect with service provider experts to repair, maintain and enhance their homes and businesses."

Neighborly’s franchises, including Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, can now be found at its new website,

Founded in 1985, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance has more than 45 regional offices in the UK and boasts thousands of satisfied customers. It deploys its skilled landscape gardeners and maintenance staff to ensure all of its clients trust Countrywide to keep their grounds maintained exactly the way they like, growing into one of the country’s largest grounds maintenance franchises in the process.

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