Coffee Blue hosts coffee tasting and barista training sessions with Dragons Rugby

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Dragons Rugby, one of four professional Rugby Union regional teams in Wales, boasts a line-up full of coffee lovers.

In the words of the thriving and highly unique coffee van franchise, sharing the exciting news on the Coffee Blue blog, “Coffee Blue had the pleasure of welcoming Dragons Rugby stars for two sessions of coffee tasting and barista training. There was even a friendly competition to see who could make a latte – of suitable quality – the quickest. The two sessions saw Jonah Holmes, Lewis Jones, Huw Taylor, Will Talbot-Davies, Leon Brown, Jared Rosser, Max Williams and Will Reed all make the trip to Coffee Blue HQ.”

“Here,” Coffee Blue continued, “Our team taught them the ins and outs of different coffee types, coffee farming, dialling in quality espresso and texturing the perfect milk for all popular barista drinks.” From these sessions, the biggest takeaway was that Welsh rugby players really, really love their coffee. The Dragons Rugby squad regularly enjoys espresso shots before training sessions and matches, “providing a natural energy boost to improve performance”. Plus, studies show that coffee can “burn fat and improve muscle recovery, making for an ideal pre-workout drink for intense, physical sports like rugby”.

But who won? Any friendly competition needs a winner (although everyone did an amazing job), and in this case, the winner was Jared Rosser. As Coffee Blue explained, “Jared managed to whip up a latte in just one minute and 14 seconds, even adding a little heart as a flourish. Congrats on a stellar performance, Jared. You, along with the rest of the boys, will make fine baristas in your post-rugby life.” Find out more about this franchise network with strong links to local communities across the UK via Coffee Blue’s Point Franchise profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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