Coffee-Bike predicts 2022’s top coffee trends

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The unique mobile coffee franchise is brimming with expertise, and recently shared some of this in a blog posted on the Coffee-Bike website predicting four 2022 coffee trends.

As Coffee-Bike explained at the top of this blog, the coffee franchise understands its customers, and is ready to make some initial predictions about trends that’ll dominate consumer conversation in the coffee industry during 2022. In the words of Coffee-Bike, “There is no longer just a choice between coffee with or without milk. Baristas are getting creative to prepare a taste experience for the customer.” Here were Coffee-Bike’s top four predictions:

  1. Tantalising toppings - “The typical biscuit with the coffee is no longer next to the cup, but in the drink. As a sugar substitute, small Amarettini pieces or, in keeping with the winter season, Spekulatius crumbs can be spread on the milk foam. The taste of the drink is enhanced by a certain crunch.”
  2. Superb spices - “Coffee aroma, soft milk foam and a few Arabic spice mixtures. Yes, you read that right! Cocoa powder on the cappuccino was a thing of the past. Today, spices such as cardamom, nutmeg or cinnamon are the order of the day.”
  3. Stunning superfoods - “Fitness and nutrition experts refer to foods that have a positive effect on body and mind as superfoods. [They have a] particularly high content of vitamins, minerals or secondary plant substances, [and] caffeinated drinks are also benefiting from the hype surrounding superfoods.”
  4. More milk alternatives - “When you order a coffee with milk, the barista often responds with the question: Which milk? The variety of milk alternatives has developed greatly in recent years. [...] If you like to drink your coffee with a milk alternative or simply want to try out a new variant, you can choose between soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk and pea milk at the Coffee-Bike.”

Find out more about this mobile coffee franchise that’s always ahead of the curve and making waves in the industry via Coffee-Bike’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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