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Coffee-Bike is the UK’s leading, self-sustainable mobile coffee franchise. Serving artisan quality coffee to customers in the most unique locations since 2010.

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The franchise recently shared a blog to the Coffee-Bike website all about the value of an instantly recognisable, eye-catching mobile coffee bar on three wheels.

Coffee-Bike doesn’t just offer a great customer experience by providing people with delicious coffee - these bikes are also a visual delight, easy to recognise even from a distance and uniquely ‘Coffee-Bike’. In the words of the coffee franchise, “No matter what city you’re in, you won’t find any difference in the quality of the coffee and the design of the Coffee-Bike. As a franchise concept, we place particular emphasis on this.” Coffee-Bike then explained what the bike looks like from the customer’s side, and from the barista’s side.

For the customer, the bike is elegant and eye-catching, with a black roof featuring white Coffee-Bike branding that “can be extended and adjusted in height as required”. There are also posters displayed on the portafilter and the transport box, product displays (including various teas and patisserie products) to take in and a sugar board at which to “sweeten your coffee” or “take a stir stick”. Plus, “If you want to ask your trusted Coffee-Biker for an event, look to the right of the machine for flyers or business cards. If you would like to book mobile coffee catering, you can also get a no-obligation offer on our website.”

For the barista, the Coffee-Bike bike is modern technology on three wheels. As the franchise explained it, “The central piece of equipment on our bike is, of course, the portafilter machine with which the Coffee-Biker conjures up your favourite coffee.” On the left is the ‘grind on demand’ coffee grinder and the selection of syrups (also visible to customers, of course) and on the right is a double sink. On the way to the machine is the tamper station where the barista “takes the biodegradable to-go cups from the cup dispensers”. Finally, since Coffee-Bike also sells cold drinks, “an orange juice press is also attached to the Coffee-Bike”.

If starting your own franchise with Coffee-Bike and procuring your own aesthetically pleasing mobile coffee creation station appeals, you can become a franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £5,000, with franchise fees of £4,990 and a total investment cost of £19,980. Find out more about a potential investment via Coffee-Bike’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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