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From soy milk to oat milk to pea milk, Coffee-Bike doesn’t just know its stuff when it comes to coffee beans.

In the words of Coffee-Bike, “For connoisseurs of cappuccino, latte macchiato or iced latte, it is not only the quality of the espresso beans that matters, but also the choice of milk. Many plant-based milk alternatives are available for those who like to eat vegan.” Plant-based milk alternatives are growing increasingly popular in 2022, and the coffee franchise understands this well. In its most recent blog post, Coffee-Bike described the properties and pros of five different types of milk alternative:

  • Soy milk - “Classic and popular. Made from soybeans and water, this plant-based drink tastes slightly of cereal and gives off a mild sweetness.” It’s 36% protein and heavy in fibre, with “little cholesterol” and a lower amount of fat than cow’s milk. Plus, soy milk “foams well and is also suitable for latte art”.

  • Almond milk - To create almond milk, almonds are roasted, ground into almond flour and combined with water. Depending on almond content, the colour of almond milk “varies from a light cream tone to beige”. This “absolutely trendy and totally delicious” milk alternative is lactose free, soy free, milk free and gluten free. It almost makes a great “creamy milk froth”.

  • Oat milk - “Oat milk is a cereal milk with a strong flavour of its own.” Made from fermented grain, “the taste is pleasantly sweet and combines perfectly with the aroma of the espresso”. As Coffee-Bike puts it, “Oat milk is not only healthy and well tolerated, but also generally more sustainable in production.” Plus, “With a little practice, oat milk can also be foamed.”

  • Coconut milk - “This fresh liquid is obtained through a lengthy process in which the pulp is pureed with water and then pressed through a cloth. The mass that remains in the cloth is extracted again with boiling water and squeezed out.” Coconut milk is hard to foam, but contains “a lot of vitamins” and has “a low carbohydrate content”.

  • Pea milk - “Take split peas, water, rapeseed and sunflower oil and voilà, pea milk is the result. If you think this drink tastes like peas, you are sadly mistaken. The slightly yellowish liquid actually resembles cow’s milk and has a rather sweet taste.” Pea milk is perfect for “athletes and all those who pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet”. It’s also barista-friendly, perfect for frothing.

To find out more about making a potential franchise investment with this trend-aware, ever-expanding and unique coffee franchise, you can visit Coffee-Bike’s profile page on Point Franchise, which you’ll discover linked above. 

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