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CAVAVIN has been reflecting back on its successful annual congress that was held back in October.

Wine franchise CAVAVIN highlighted its successful annual congress as one of its best moments of 2018.

The annual congress was held on the 21st of October 2018 at La Baule and was attended by franchisees and suppliers from all across Europe. CAVAVIN always aims to hold its annual congress in one of the many wine-making regions across France and this year was no different.

Franchisees were able to interact with each other, sharing stories of their successes, struggles and challenges as entrepreneurs. As with many individuals who run their own businesses, lots of the franchisees spend much of their time alone or with just a few employees for company, so to be able to chat with like-minded business people was surely a welcome treat for the franchisees.

Both French and international franchisees were also able to meet the 150 winegrowers that CAVAVIN has developed exclusive partnerships with over the years. The opportunity was welcomed by everyone, as franchisees were given the chance to ask plenty of questions about each winegrowers range and select new ranges to sell in their stores.

After meeting the winemakers and talking about their products, the franchise management team shared an insight into the action plan that CAVAVIN has developed for 2019. The illuminating presentation showed franchisees its plans to move forward and gave them all plenty of ideas on how to make their branches a success. To end the annual congress, each franchisee was treated to a delicious dinner and given the chance to catch up with everyone.

CAVAVIN is one of the most exciting wine franchises around, offering an unrivalled choice of wines and spirits to suit all budgets and tastes.

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