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Bubbleology specialises in flavoured fruit and milk bubble teas.

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Bubble-tea franchise Bubblelogy is set to open its latest store in Boca Raton, Florida as a part of its US expansion plan.

With the doors set to open on April 6th, excitement is brewing in Boca Raton in anticipation of the arrival of Bubbleology. Residents of the city - who are known for their passion for golf, nature and the regions sweeping coastline will soon be able to enjoy a bubble-tea experience that was brewed in London back in 2011.

When the bubble-tea franchise was founded in Soho, Bubbleology was only serving its expertly mixed range of milk and fruit-flavoured teas to customers in the UK capital. Now, Bubblelogy operates over 69 sites across the UK, Europe and the US.

The latest of these is the one that will open in Boca Raton this April. The new store will be serving up Bubbleologys exotic menu of pomegranate, lychee, matcha and Honeydew teas, alongside its whipped-cream topped mocha and caramel frappes.

But these drinks will also be joined by a selection of freshly-released menu items. These include the Cream Cheese Crown, an extravagant milk tea that is topped with a cream cheese froth and is available in matcha, Nutella and strawberry flavours.

Another major addition is Bubble Waffles. This latest food craze is all about stuffing a waffle cone with as many sweet treats as you possibly can, whether it be fruit or something slightly more decadent. Bubbleology crams its Bubble Waffles full of Italian gelato, a choice of sprinkles and sweet sauces.

Bubbleology is looking for more franchise partners here on Point Franchise. If youre an enthusiastic entrepreneur that wants to ride the wave of the bubble tea revolution, you can find more information here on Point Franchise.

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