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Franchisee Toni Hibbert has been able to use her background in marketing to succeed as the boss of her own Bright & Beautiful business.

She had enjoyed a good career in the health and holistic products world but was growing tired of spending her days working for someone else. Toni said:

“I have been a Sales Director for a national wholesaler of Health Foods and Natural Products and also a Marketing Manager for a vitamin manufacturer. My roles have all been largely sales and marketing related, with a passion for natural and ethical products. I studied business and always thought that I would run my own business. I seem to have spent a lot of my time running other peoples!”

And while Toni had plenty of drive and ambition, she struggled to find an idea that was worthy of turning into her own business. The solution? A franchise.

“I had always had the idea of a franchise in the back of my mind, but the health food industry had me hooked. It was when I got back to work after having my daughters, I realised that the business felt different. I knew then that I wanted to be self-employed and started looking for opportunities. Once I found Bright & Beautiful, I stopped looking!”

Explaining why she was drawn to the cleaning franchise, Toni revealed:

“The brand and the marketing are so appealing, and I find that I get such a positive response from potential clients. I love the fact that I am an ethical employer creating family friendly jobs in my local area. I like being part of something bigger and at the same time being a business owner. There are lots of other franchisees all at different stages of business and it inspires me to see how they all operate and contribute to the brand.”

Toni said that her experience has been a steep learning curve, but she feels proud of the work she’s put in so far. Looking to the future, Toni says she plans to continue growing her business.

“I have long since realised that it is impossible to do everything at once and I look forward to planning for growth and achieving the milestones that I have set for myself. With the help of my team of Professional Housekeepers, my biggest ambition is to put Bright & Beautiful on the map in Derby and build a reputation for providing a premium service.”

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