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Bodystreet 20 minutes is all it takes!

Bodystreet offers an opportunity for those with little or no time to get fit and stay fit. Our proven once-a-week 20-minute workout programme helps burn fat, build muscle, tone and shape. It even helps reduce backache and improve posture.

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Bodystreet’s MD has explained how the franchise’s services give back to the community and help people feel their best.

Many people want to not only generate a good income from their business but feel as though they’re providing a really worthwhile service to their community. Fitness franchise Bodystreet has been showing how its unique franchise opportunity helps people to do just that.

In a Q&A with, Managing Director Mark Holland explained how franchisees will really feel they’re doing something noble by joining any kind of franchise, but particularly one which offers a service that helps others.

“In franchising, you’re highly likely to find something that will also give you a sense of purpose. Household-name franchise brands often have a designated cause or their own charitable foundation that they encourage their network to raise funds in support of. Of course, there are franchises where you are helping people daily when providing your goods or services, such as those in tutoring, healthcare or even business coaching. There’s simply nothing to compare with following your passion and seeing others thrive as a result.”

He went on to reveal how joining Bodystreet in particular can up the feel-good factor for ambitious entrepreneurs looking for a new way to make their living.

“Bodystreet is exactly this kind of franchise and for our business owners, the feel-good factor is (at least) twofold in nature. Firstly, rather than signing up large numbers who probably won’t use their gym subscription, Bodystreet’s focus is on helping people to find 20 minutes a week to get back into shape, on the way to good health and to feel great about themselves. Secondly, we also want to bring about positive changes in the way young employees are trained and supported in the fitness industry and are committed to becoming one of the best and most ethical employers in this sector.”

He concluded by outlining how the community element of franchising means that you’re also able to give back to your colleagues within the franchise network who may need extra support at times.

“Lastly, regardless of the franchise you are drawn to, there will always be a network of franchisees from which you can learn, but with whom you can also share your insight, support and friendship. There are many ways to ‘give back’.”

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