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Ice cream franchise Baskin Robbins opened the doors at its new Redding store last week.

The new California-based store is yet another example that Baskin Robbins franchisees really are living the American dream.

Peter Patel is the franchise owner of the new Redding ice cream parlour that has opened for trade in Raleys shopping centre.

The town which is made famous by the Turtle Bay Exploration Park promises to be a lucrative new market for the ice cream franchise. Locals are keen to enjoy the vibrant array of frozen flavours available in-store, such as Mango Tango and Jamoca Almond Fudge.

Peter really has struck gold by securing this new franchise territory. Baskin Robbins has been absent from the Northstate region of California, so customers are salivating at the opportunity to return to Americas favourite ice cream parlour.

This new follows the Baskin Robbins store redesign programme, which is currently being rolled out across the states. The ice cream chain obviously still sees the US as a high-potential market that can take the company towards its growth targets.

The international Baskin Robbins store network is made up of a team of global franchisees. Together, they are all committed to delivering a high standard of customer service that delivers commercial results.

Currently, Baskin Robbins is looking for new franchise partners in the UK that want to cater to the nations sweet tooth. In return for a minimum investment of £500,000, franchisees will have access to a UK market that is worth over £1 billion.

All franchisees receive intensive training in the industry, full support in managing stores and the tools required to make a success of their business. Four times a year, Baskin Robbins franchisees attend a conference that allows significant networking opportunities.

Baskin Robbins is an active member on the Point Franchise network. If you want to find out more about this opportunity, then you can do so via our franchise directory.

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