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Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner is a successful French Bagel restaurant concept.

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Bagel Corner has opened its first ever restaurant thatís not open to the public to train its brand new franchisees up.

Ambitious franchise Bagel Corner is on a mission to reach 100 restaurants across Europe by 2022 and to meet its goals itís decided to open its first restaurant solely designed for the training of new franchisees.

The master franchise serves a delicious array of treats and light bites, including delicious bagels stuffed with breakfast foods and lunch options ranging from the healthy to the indulgent for every taste. Alongside this, customers can also pick up fresh salads packed with their favourite vegetables, proteins and tasty dressings, or warming soups designed to comfort and nourish during cooler weather.

Bagel Corner began franchising in 2014 and has enjoyed plenty of success since then but has been looking for a new way to properly train its franchisees before setting them up with their own store. So, it decided to set up its own concept restaurant with the sole purpose of training new recruits up to meet the standards of the master franchise.

The 60 square metre store (180 square feet) will look exactly like a traditional store and will allow new franchisees to get used to the kind of premises they could be operating before itís time for them to serve the public. Itís hoped that this revolutionary new training premises will allow Bagel Corner to reach its goal of 100 franchisees and 700 prospective sites in Europe over the coming years.

Commenting on the brand new facility, Gregory Clement, Bagel Cornerís leading partner for development, said:

"The opening of our in-house training centre reinforces our priority of research excellence and innovation that we owe to our future candidates and our customers."

Bagel Corner was ranked as one of the Ď5 Brands to Follow Closelyí in 2018, showing that it has great potential for further growth over the coming years.

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