Auntie Anne’s bakes up a new franchise opportunity

Auntie Anne's franchise
Auntie Anne's We are so much more than just pretzels

Auntie Anne’s is the largest global soft pretzel chain – but we are so much more than just pretzels! The formula for Auntie Anne’s success is simple: product, people and purpose. Our brand purpose is to do good. We deliver smiles. We offer a moment of joy in an otherwise hectic day.

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Auntie Anne’s is bringing its delicious, signature soft pretzels to the budding entrepreneurs of the world.

At Point Franchise, we’re pleased to welcome Auntie Anne’s into our vast and varied network of franchise opportunities. The soft pretzel and baked goods franchise makes tasty, fresh snacks that are great for any time of the day and we’re so thrilled to have the well-known company on board.

Auntie Anne’s offers an unrivalled selection of sweet and savoury pretzel options, including cinnamon sugar, sweet almond, roasted garlic & parmesan and pepperoni. It’s also launched its exciting range of pretzel dogs, letting fans of the tasty baked treats and classic hot dogs try a satisfying snack that combines the two. To wash down its baked goods, the franchise offers plenty of sweet drinks options too including fruity lemonade mixers that come in flavours such as blue raspberry and mango and strawberry, and refreshing lemonade iced tea.

The takeaway pretzel franchise was created in 1988 when founder Anne Beiler bought herself a stand in a local Pennsylvania farmer’s market. After playing around with a few recipes, she struck gold and came up with her signature soft pretzels that are known and loved across the globe. ‘Auntie’ Anne then began to bake and sell her delicious pretzels so that she could fund her husband’s wish to offer free family counselling to their community.

But after he found success and opened his own counselling centre, Anne realised her true calling was as a baked goods entrepreneur. 30 years on, Auntie Anne’s has become the world’s largest soft pretzel franchise and retained its caring heart, partnering with children’s cancer charity ALSF and ensuring all of its franchisees remain committed to reducing food waste and giving back to their communities.

Now, Auntie Anne’s has secured a coveted place on ‘Entrepreneur’s top 500 franchises’ list as well as winning multiple prestigious awards for its business model. It’s looking for ambitious franchisees across the globe to take its irresistible baked treats to even more hungry customers.

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