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The franchise recently shared a video of the flooded property with customers, explaining how it could help in these circumstances and diving into the distressing reality of a raw sewage flood.

Alongside the video, Aspray explained, “A flooded property can be devastating enough - however, raw sewage can be even more distressing. [...] Our loss assessors understand that these situations require sensitivity, compassion and attention to detail in terms of technical knowledge.” 

Raw sewage is one of the BDMA’s three categories of water. The categories are white, grey and black, and as you might guess, “sewage water is referred to as ‘black water’” and “contains pathogenic agents that are harmful and can cause sickness if exposed to humans”. Pathogens including Hepatitis B and C, Norovirus, Tetanus and more. Understandably, this is the least desirable and most damaging type of water for a customer’s home to be exposed to during a flood.

The management franchise expressed understanding over just how distressing it is when a property is flooded, with “black water” especially, and said, “As upsetting as the situation may be, our loss assessors will be with you every step of the way to ensure your claim is progressing and your property is thoroughly decontaminated. Our loss assessors are also trained in using specialist drying techniques. It is crucial that sufficient drying time is given depending on the material, as this will alleviate the risk of fungi appearing in hidden voids, and therefore causing future damage.”

In the concluding words of Aspray, “We care for claims. No matter what the circumstances, we are here to help.” If you’d like to join this consistently dedicated, informative and hard-working network, you can become a franchisee with the property repair and claims management company for a minimum initial investment of £15,000. Find out more about Aspray via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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